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Kobelco ED160 Blade Runner Demo And Review

The Kobelco ED160 blade runner is a multi-task piece of equipment. Now I don't have to load an excavator and dozer on equipment trailer, blade runner does the job of two pieces of equipment in one package.
Seamus Breen : Good honest review
Ryan Eck : Great video! I really appreciate your opinion and detailed information.
Habeeb Dhahir : Appreciate your honesty .
IDigIt4 : Thanks for the honest review. Lots of good info to consider here.
off road specialties : I am looking at an older 90's Blade Runner ED180 with the 4bt. It has the 210 dozer undercarriage. I wonder if the issues you have with this machine are not going to be a problem with the bigger model. I do like the additional power that can be gained from the 4bt.
ivan iko perkovic : Liebherr 920 compact, try this Germany maschine!
Dirtman707 : Dam I wish you went inside the machine
Ant Y : Hv u try find out d older version ed180 or ed190.
Arnold Romppai : sadly it is like that with a lot of equipment these days, it is like the mfg want to make a million bucks fast, when it should be, sell for less and sell more, getting more out there in front of others that will buy, this has been my thing with wood mizer saw mills, there is nothing in them that can count for the 30, to 80,000 dollars they price them at, all and all not one of them has over @500 dollars in steel or hardware in them, even the gas engine is only good for tops 1500 hours and they are done,, my 22hp lawn tractor engine was in need of a rebuild at 1200 hours, but it was cheaper to buy a new engine then the parts to rebuild it my self, the price they want for a lot of equipment, the real values is know were close to there price, same with cars and trucks, they want the price of buying a nice home, that will last you a life time, but that truck or car, will be rusted out in 5 years, and the engine done by 100,000 miles if not less with a lot of brands
TheCanadianBubba : Obviously not sponsored content !

ขายครับ KOBELCO Sk200-6YN10 ราคา1180000 รถอยู่ สุพรรณบุรี โทร0611234230 #ซื้อขายรถแม็คโครมือสอง

อภิสิทธิ์ ทองสุทธิ์ : แก๋วเต้ยอริยะ
สจ. ซอยมืด!! : เอวหลวมนิดหน่อย แต่โดยรวมผ่านคับ
บุญธรรม คล้ายหนู : ระดับเสี่ยเต้ยมาไลน์อยู่ไม่นานแน่ๆ
ภานุพงษ์ เหมือนศรีชัย : เรืองแสงจัดไปครับ
de19605 :
ทเวนตี้PETE MUSIC&LlVE channel : ใช่​รถ​อยู่​บ้าน​พี่​ต้า​ไหม​ครับ​
ลุงสิน คนบ้านนอก : ชอบตัวเหลืองเล็กข้างหลัง


KOBELCO product comparison between our KOBELCO SK210LC 9 and the Caterpillar 323FL.
Bravedigger Joseph Pepel 4880 : I prefer kobelco for earthwork..cat for quarry work.Both having the same role.But Volvo and Caterpillar back in my country Malaysia is a better choice for quarrying.And Kobelco for earthworks such as building 4 lane highway,land clearing,plantation,agriculture and more cost effective projects.Greetings from Malaysia.
Jiraphat Sempian : I liked both my great grandfather owned a Kobelco SK200-6 and the Cat 320C
u / D0UCH1EST : This machine would fail agaiinst a Hitachi or Volvo that actually would have drivers instead of these to drunk idiots operating
Pecinta alat berat : Boleh2 lah iklan kobelco tuk haha
Los Camiones & Guaguas Escolares : Good Excavator KOBELCO PUERTO RICO ✌
pittyokontora : KOBELCOの男による完全な如何様動画。CAT生ケーキの方が、断然美味しい。
Pecinta alat berat : Bukan kaleng dua produk lagi bersaing
JRBUISEXCAVATING : I'm thinking they could have found better operators for both machines.
Ryan Long : The guy in the Kobelco is afraid of getting a full bucket
Mckay Nelson : The operator in the kobelco is not putting that 210 justice just saying




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