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Money Talk Weekly "CK" ช่วงที่ 1 / 5 พ.ย. 60

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Deep Cool GAMMA ARCHER CPU Cooler Unboxing & Test

This is an unboxing video of my newly purchased Deep Cool GAMMA ARCHER CPU Air Cooler for my Intel Core i3 2100 processor. After the installation, I was testing the latest temperature using Core Temp freeware and stressing the CPU for Max Temp using CPU-Z freeware. Apology for not having high class setup for review, this is for education purpose for those who knows about computer a little.
Muhammad Tarik : bro thermal pest kivabe lagate hoy setar upre ekta vid banao.
GERTI 11 : How mine goes over 80 degree at fullload ?
mossimossi2 : Good video
CryzZ : What is the motherboard model?


yr dn : 今天看到okex才明白为什么前段时间xmr一直暴涨了。
刘平 : 学到就是赚到




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